31 hilarious snapshots of office life

Coffee makers have feelings too

When you have a long day at the office ahead of you what you’re really going to need is a nice cup of hot coffee. Stopping at Starbucks every morning isn’t always possible, so most offices provide their workers with a coffee machine. But when that coffee maker breaks it can be incredibly frustrating. Perhaps that’s why one office worker chose to try to lighten up the situation. When his co-worker left a note that their coffee maker wasn’t making hot coffee, this guy decided to add a funny note that joked the coffee maker still had a great personality. After all, don’t coffee makers have feelings too? This is one way to give your co-workers a little chuckle in their day.

Spelling mistake

Some office workers barely speak to one another, some can’t stop talking, and some just enjoy making jokes and giving each other a hard time. Well, one office seemed to be over doing it on the sarcasm in the office, so much to the point that one worker decided to put up a sign for them to keep track of how many days they had gone without sarcasm. Unfortunately for them, they spelled sarcasm wrong, and a co-worker couldn’t resist writing a sarcastic comment of “nice spelling.”

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