47 really useful cleaning hacks for your car

We’ve all had those days where we jump in our car at the end of the day ready to enjoy a relaxing drive home when, suddenly, you look around and realize your car is a mess. And let’s face it, it’s much harder to enjoy yourself when you feel like you’re sitting in a mobile pigsty. Look, we get it: you’ve had a long day, and each time you spilled something or brushed off a few crumbs, it was always something minor. But now that you’re noticing the pattern here, whether it be due to the garbage on the floor, mud all over the tires, or rust on the bumper, there’s no shame in looking at yourself in that spotty rearview mirror and admitting that certain mistakes have been made.

Of course, there’s always the option of heading down to your local car wash and having them give the car a full work up. But a thorough car wash can end up being expensive, and the cheaper car washes don’t usually give you as deep a clean, meaning you’ll end up needing to take your car in regularly. Not everyone has that kind of money to drop on a car wash every few weeks, which is why many car owners have taken to cleaning their cars themselves.

All the clean freaks out there might be thinking that spending time getting your car in ship-shapes sounds like nirvana, while many other people might be dreading the idea of creating more work for themselves. But cleaning your car, and getting it to stay clean, doesn’t need to be a difficult job. In fact, you might be surprised by how easy and simple it can be.

Cleaning is rarely something many people enjoy doing, even when you know you need to do it. And it can feel frustrating when you’re trying to figure out how to get your car to shine and look like it’s brand new again. But lucky for you, we are living in the world of the DIY (do it yourself) culture, and the DIY enthusiasts out there tend to have some helpful hacks for all sorts of projects.

There are tons of different ideas and methods out there for how to best clean your car, and how to make it easier on you. You don’t need to be a professional or have professional tools. All you really need is a few small items and a general willingness to get the work done.

Maybe it’s a certain area of your car that needs tending to. Maybe it doesn’t even need a deep clean, but you need some help keeping the clutter to a minimum. Maybe it’s a life project, and that’s okay too! Because when it comes to ending up with a spiffy car, there are hacks for everything you can dream of and more.