The cast of Coyote Ugly today

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Cast your thoughts back to the turn of the century. Is anything jumping out of your memory bank? Perhaps it was the Y2K bug that was set to destroy technology as we know it? Maybe it was the unforgettable New Year’s party? Perhaps it was Santana at the top of the charts with Smooth? As well as all the memorable events that kicked off the beginning of the 21st century, there were plenty of movies that celebrated the fact we hadn’t been destroyed by a robot army.


One of the many that came our way was none other than ‘Coyote Ugly’. The film follows the life of Violet Sanford as she tried to forge a career as a singer. However, it’s the characters Violet meets along the way that make this story what it is. This comedy-drama opens us to the world of dive bars as well as creating some of the most memorable characters in movie history. Have you ever found yourself wondering whatever happened to the stars of the film? We sure have, and now we can’t wait any longer – we need answers! The movie may have been released 18 years ago, but these stars will never be forgotten. The question is: did they ever break away from Hollywood or was this only the beginning? After receiving poor ratings from the critics, would the actors and actresses ever be able to recover their careers?

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Adam Garcia playing Kevin O’Donnell

Next to the leading lady of the film, we have the leading man: Kevin O’Donnell. Their first meeting isn’t the smoothest as Violet tries her best to impress Kevin after being told he is the owner of the bar when he isn’t. Thankfully, Kevin can redeem himself by helping Violet earn money at her new job, and is rewarded with four dates. The pair quickly become an item. Over the course of the film, Kevin is the one to help Violet overcome her stage-fright so she can finally achieve her dream.

Adam Garcia today

It’s no wonder Adam was so smooth on his feet as he is actually a trained tap dancer. His moves saw Adam land a role in the UK stage musical Wicked where he played the role of Fiyero, but that’s not all. Adam has also appeared as a judge on the competition shows Dancing with the Stars and Got to Dance. This actor’s last movie role was in the children’s movie Nativity 3. However, fans can look forward to seeing Adam at the UK opening of a brand new ‘Coyote Ugly’ bar in 2018.

Maria Bello playing Lil Lovell

The ‘Coyote Ugly’ bar would be nothing without its founder, Lil Lovell. This character has grown up with plenty of rowdy customers meaning she can handle nearly anyone that stands in her way. Violet arrives at the bar in search of work, but it isn’t until a second audition that Lil falls for her charm. In fact, the owner casts Violet as the lovable kindergarten teacher-type. Even after Violet leaves her job at the bar, Lil tracks her down and the pair end on good terms.

Maria Bello today

Starring in ‘Coyote Ugly’ was only the start for Maria Bello who has gone onto land roles in a huge variety of films over the years, including the comedy Grown Ups 2, the supernatural horror Lights Out, and the superhero movie Max Steel just to name a few. As well as her work in films, Maria has also landed various TV roles, including her current part in the police drama NCIS, in addition to an upcoming role in the zombie horror The Walking Dead. To top it off, Maria has also written a book about her journey coming to terms with her place in the LGBT community.

John Goodman playing Bill Sanford

When test screenings were first aired of the movie, fans demanded more scenes with John Goodman, and that’s precisely what they got! William, or Bill as he is best known, is Violet’s overprotective father who only wants the best for his daughter. Although he gets angry when a provocative photo of Violet ends up in the newspaper, Bill eventually accepts his daughter’s dreams. Bill later reveals that Violet’s late mother actually quit singing to please him, so he doesn’t want the same fate for his daughter.

John Goodman today

This actor has a huge repertoire that just continues to grow. Over the years, some of John’s most famous roles have been as Dan Conner in the sitcom Roseanne, Gil John Biggs in the web series Alpha House, and as Sulley in the animated children’s movies Monsters Inc., and Monsters University. John’s latest few roles have been voice only, but it looks as though we’re set to see this actor’s face back on screen any day as the sci-fi thriller Captive State, and comedy Spring Break ‘83 are both in the works.

Melanie Lynskey playing Gloria

Gloria is Violet’s best friend that gets left behind in New Jersey when she jets off to New York City to chase her dreams. Although Gloria remains in the pair’s home state, she is always there to support Violet whenever the two meet. Violet returns home for Gloria’s wedding day and even moves back for a time. However, when Violet returns to New York, Gloria is there to support her friend alongside Kevin and Bill as she makes her grand appearance at an open mic night.

Melanie Lynskey today

Melanie may have played a lesser role in the movie, but that hasn’t stopped the actress from being credited in over 70 productions over the years. After playing supporting movie roles for many years, 2012 was the turning point for this actress. Since then, Melanie has starred in the comedy-drama Hello I Must Be Going, in addition to the comedy thriller I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore. On the small screen, Melanie is most recognized for playing Rose in the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men.

Izabella Miko as Cammie

Cammie is another that makes up the trio of the Coyotes and is introduced in the all-night diner when Violet wants to get a job at the bar. This character is often seen dancing on the bar and causing a commotion by pouring water all over herself. As if that wasn’t enough, Cammie is also accused of being a tease, but this character doesn’t mind – she has plenty of tips and tricks to get the customers buying drinks while still having fun!

Izabella Miko today

Before hitting the big screen, Izabelle was enrolled at the Warsaw National Ballet School. However, various injuries soon put an end to her professional dancing career. Even though the legal drinking age in America is 21, Izabella was just 19 years old when she was dancing away in the movie. After her role in the film, Izabella quickly landed the starring role in The Killers’ music videos for Mr. Brightside and Miss Atomic Bomb, but it didn’t end there. Izabella has also appeared in the dancing movies Save the Last Dance 2, and Step Up: All In.

Tyra Banks as Zoe

Finishing off the original Coyotes is Zoe. This bartender started working at the ‘Coyote Ugly’ to save up money for her law degree. After finally getting the money together, Zoe quits her job and leaves an opening for Violet to fill. Although she has left the bar and is now working on her studies, Zoe can’t leave the party scene behind her. In fact, when she returns to ‘Coyote Ugly’ as a paying customer, she can’t help but get on the bar and start dancing.

Tyra Banks today

Over the years, Tyra Banks has done just about everything. From modeling to singing, and acting to creating businesses – Tyra has done them all. This former model has been in various movies and shows over the years, but is now most famous for creating and hosting the reality competition series America’s Next Top Model. Throughout the years, Tyra has also appeared as a guest judge on spin-offs of the show all around the world. Since 2017, Tyra Banks has also been hosting the competition show America’s Got Talent.

LeAnn Rimes playing herself

This singer makes her grand appearance at the end of the movie. Violet managed to secure herself a record deal, and LeAnn Rimes ends up recording a version of Violet’s original song. As if having a major singer perform your song wasn’t enough, LeAnn jumps up on the bar at ‘Coyote Ugly’ for a special one of performance. She isn’t alone though as Violet joins LeAnn and the pair perform a duet of Can’t Fight the Moonlight for the final scenes of the film.

LeAnn Rimes today

LeAnn Rimes has climbed her way up the singing ladder since her breakthrough at just 13 years old. Ever since, the singer has gone on to win various awards for her music, including two Grammys, and one American Music award. All of her hard work has seen LeAnn release no less than ten studio albums and two greatest hits albums. To top it off, LeAnn has also put a lot of time and money towards a huge number of charities and foundations over the years, including Save the Children and Stand Up to Cancer.

Kaitlin Olson as Bidding girl

Although their faces may not be memorable, the bidding scene in the movie is a major part of the Kevin-Violet relationship. Violet must earn $250 if she wants to secure herself a job at ‘Coyote Ugly’, but she has no idea how to raise the cash. That is until Kevin O’Donnell walks in. Violet quickly gets Kevin up on the bar and starts auctioning him off to the women, and her plan is a success. One of those women desperate to get her hands on Kevin is none other than Kaitlin Olson.

Kaitlin Olson today

While her role in the movie may have been small, Kaitlin Olson is no stranger to Hollywood. Appearing in ‘Coyote Ugly’ was one of the first roles for the actress who has since gone on to appear in the romcom movie Leap Year, as well as voicing the whale shark Destiny in the animated children’s movie Finding Dory. Kaitlin has also made waves on the small screen over the years, and is currently starring in the sitcom The Mick in addition to the black comedy show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Piper Perabo playing Violet Sanford

Violet was a small town Jersey girl who chose to leave her life as a waitress, as well as her supportive father, in order to pursue her life long dream of becoming a songwriter. But when she moves to New York and discovers that making it isn’t as easy as she thought. Forced to find work, she takes up a job at a unique bar called Coyote Ugly. Making friends and making mistakes, she soon discovers she’s more confident than she’d initially thought.

Piper Perabo today

After her starring role in Coyote Ugly, Piper got another main role in the family comedy Cheaper by the Dozen (as well as its sequel). She also took part in movies like The Prestige and romantic comedy Because I Said So. On television, she starred for five seasons on the thriller series Covert Affairs, as the intelligent CIA Agent Annie Walker. Piper is currently set to appear in the upcoming action movie Angel Has Fallen, alongside Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman. The actress also married writer and director Stephen Kay in 2014.

Bridget Moynahan as Rachel

Rachel is one of the original Coyotes that is first spotted in the movie after flaunting her tips at an all-night diner. Violet is intrigued to learn more as she needs the money, and the rest is history. This character is one of the dancers at the ‘Coyote Ugly’ bar, but also finds herself keeping control of the often rowdy customers they attract. In fact, it is Rachel and Cammie trying to break up a fight that sees Violet sing publicly for one of the first times.

Bridget Moynahan today

Bridget started out her career as a model, and landing the role in ‘Coyote Ugly’ was one of the first major acting parts in her career. In fact, it was her model height that meant the entire set of the film had to be redesigned, so Bridget wasn’t in danger of hitting her head during any dancing scenes. The actress is now best known for her roles in the sci-fi action movie I, Robot, the war drama Lord of War, and her current role as Erin Reagan in the police drama series Blue Bloods.