Flight Attendant Confessions



You may think it’s a bit unorthodox for flight attendants to snap forbidden pictures inside of a plane and adhere to some of the strangest rules of the sky. In some ways, the life of a flight attendant, as well as a pilot, hasn’t changed since the 1960’s. There are still weight and height restrictions that the girls need to fulfill. Wardrobe issues, however, are another story. Changes that have been made over the last few decades usually apply to mid-flight beverages and the types of animals that are allowed on board… which are now, like, all types of animals. Especially if they belong on a farm!


Flying friendly has been made much safer these days, though. Many precautions, procedures, and extensions have been made to ensure the comfort and rest of flyers who have listened to way too many horror stories that occur in an airplane. Flight attendants even prove that they’ve become more than responsible for health and well-being of their passengers. Stories about baby births, CPR, and dead bodies become a dime a dozen when you listen what a flight attendant has to offer in terms of anecdotes. The most surprising flight attendant confessions are the ones that will make your skin crawl. You wouldn’t believe some of the shocking and disgusting behavior passengers think they can get away with on a plane…

For those who love travel hacks, flight attendants aren’t very shy when it comes to exposing the little tricks that could make your flying experience all the more pleasant. Tipping, for example, will get a long way with the right attendant. Also, finding out how to get that fresh set of headphones and blanket that hasn’t been re-wrapped is also valuable information! The secrets that these flight attendants will let you in on will certainly make the next flight you take a more interesting, aware one.

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