Bodyguards who shine as bright as the stars they protect

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Let’s take a break from talking about how beautiful the celebrities of the world are. They are supposed to be gorgeous, sometimes it’s even what helps them make the big bucks. While we love our favorite stars, this is not about them. We want to take a moment to discuss some people who do not get enough credit: celebrity bodyguards.

The following assortment of security details are highly qualified to serve and protect some of Hollywood’s finest. These fine gentlemen come with the right to bear muscles and would gladly jump in harms way to keep the actors, models, and artist of today safe.


One of these stunning bodyguards became so popular that people opened social media accounts dedicated to how attractive he is. A little creepy, but when you see his jawline, you’ll understand. Other bodyguards were sadly let go because their good looks got in the way of their ability to do the job and others had to leave because of personal reasons.

Regardless of if they’re currently employed by someone famous or if they’re a nice memory of the past, there are some genuinely great looking dudes on this list. Celebrities really know how to pick their sources of protection. Keep reading to see some of the hottest bodyguards of Hollywood.

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Katy Perry

We can only imagine that Katy Perry is waving her finger at another woman saying, “No, no, no. Back off, honey. He’s MY bodyguard.” Either that or she’s explaining to a fan why she’s wearing a pizza onesie and where she got it so they can also buy one. While Perry has had multiple bodyguards over her years of fame, we need to take a moment and admire this gentleman. With his manly muscles, eyes you could get lost in, and tattoos that prove he’s tough, how can we not look at him? We hope he’s protecting her heart, too, because it’d be hard not to fall in love with him.

Heidi Klum

It makes sense, right? You put your life in someone else’s hands, trust them to keep you safe, and spend a lot of time with them for important events and occasions. Romances can happen with your security detail. And that’s exactly how it went down with Heidi Klum and Martin Kirsten, her former bodyguard and boyfriend of about a year and a half. This relationship was big news back in the day and though he’s not dating the German model anymore, Kirsten still remains one of the hunkiest bodyguards that there ever was. Let’s just say that, though we’re still devastated she’s no longer with Seal, we kind of understood this unusual relationship with Martin because, well, look at him.

Britney Spears

Hubba hubba! Of course Britney Spears would have a good looking bodyguard. Unfortunately, due to a lawsuit against Spears for unwanted advances, Fernando Flores is no longer a part of her security team. Such a shame to no longer be working with him, but at least there are pictures like this one to remember him by. We wish him nothing but the best. If he’s currently without work, we wouldn’t mind hiring him to follow us around everywhere.


Hello.. It’s us, every woman in the world, and we’re just here to drool over you. Peter van der Veen has made been a bodyguard for multiple different celebrities, such as Lady Gaga. Adele, however, snatched him up for herself and probably will not be letting him go any time soon. We think it’s safe to say that there is probably a line around the Earth of girls who would gladly take her place and have him hold their umbrellas for them.

Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter really knows how to pick a bodyguard and apparently hires Sam full time because he cannot just cast a spell on irritating people like in his movies. The actor doesn’t expect an attack against him, but he wants to feel secure in public and we can understand how Sam helps with that. It certainly doesn’t hurt that he is extremely handsome and well dressed. The friendly giant is also well-educated. Is there anything not great about Daniel Radcliffe’s bodyguard?

Kristen Stewart

Holy cheekbones! Kristen Stewart’s bodyguard is so attractive that there is an entire Facebook (Team Hot Bodyguard or Team HBG) page dedicated to his good looks – it has nothing to do with his professional experience. The stud had been seen protecting other stars over the years, but he is known best for following our favorite vampire. Girls all over are constantly gushing over the HBG and he really has become quite the sensation since he was first spotted with Stewart at the Twilight Eclipse premiere as her detail.

Lady Gaga

Though Adele took Peter van der Veen on as her bodyguard, he was with Gaga first and we loved him just as much then. She could afford the loss though because check out the tall dark and handsome cutie on the left. The popstar may have formed a close bond with her former bodyguard, but it really doesn’t look like she’s suffering with this bearded beau as his replacement. If she ever chooses to give him up, I’m sure there are other stars who would be happy to take him off her hands.

Katie Holmes

What is the deal with Katie Holmes? She marries heartthrob Tom Cruise AND gets a totally hot bodyguard? It just isn’t fair – she needs to leave some of the attractive men to other woman. After she and Cruise separated, Holmes felt she needed to let her former security team go because they had too close a relationship with her ex husband. Though it’s a shame for them, we are not so upset about who she hired instead.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is no stranger to wild crowds of fans. A bodyguard is usually required for her safety almost at all times. It doesn’t look like she’s too upset about that, though. Gomez is known for having insanely cute bodyguards and this man here is no exception. He’s got the smolder down and he definitely looks strong and capable of protecting our girl. He must be a total gentleman too in case you didn’t notice he is holding her bag.

Justin Bieber

They may no longer be together, but one thing Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez still share is their taste in hot bodyguards. Justin needs a security team with him at all times to keep him safe from all his adoring fans, the Beliebers. He usually becomes close friends with most of his bodyguards, even if they do a little time. Mr. Muscles here, Michael Arana, was arrested and sentenced to jail for a car accident related to driving under the influence. We won’t mess with him, just stare.

Jennifer Lawrence

There is no way a list of attractive bodyguards would be complete without Jennifer Lawrence’s charming blue-eyed bae. He’s been seen holding her small dog and even her purse while he follows closely behind her. Sadly, the rest of the world also noticed how beautiful this man is and the Internet went crazy, so Lawrence decided to part ways with Greg Lenz. It’s okay though, because she’s notorious for attractive bodyguards, she’s had ones before and will have more after.


Raise your hand if you’re surprised that Beyonce has a total babe as a security guard… no one raised their hand, right? Julius de Boer has been spotted for years with Queen Bey and Jay Z. Our stunning friend here seems like he belongs in the NBA just based off his height and athletic look, which makes him perfect as a bodyguard. De Boer started off just accompanying the artists to small outings like to the airport, but lately he’s all about that award party life.

Angelina Jolie

Again with these actresses who are allowed to have gorgeous husbands and bodyguards. Who allows this? It does make sense, however, that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt would need help protecting themselves and making sure their children are safe. This lovely chap is up to the job. He’s been seen escorting the now single Jolie everywhere and of course pictures have been snapped of him because, well, he’s pretty. After all, it takes a lot to stand out next to her, so that just shows how attractive he is.

Caitlyn Jenner

It almost looks like Caitlyn Jenner is telling admirers, “I know, I know, my bodyguard is super hot, but he’s mine so BACK OFF!” Though we have no idea what she was actually saying when this picture was taking, after looking at her bodyguard, we can assume that this is fitting. The former Olympic athlete has been seen walking around with this handsome fellow quite often and the two do seem like a great pair. With the status that comes with being a Jenner, she really needs to feel protected.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles always needs someone detailing him now that he’s an international pop sensation. This former One Direction boy band member picked a bodyguard that we’re sure everyone can agree looks nice. Styles is always surrounded by a crowd of fans, sometimes they even find out where he’s staying at the time and follow him there. This can be intimidating for anyone, but not when you have a trusty bodyguard keeping you safe like he does.

Amber Rose

You can tell that Amber Rose’s security guard takes his job very seriously. And we take his looks very seriously. He’s even got his arm wrapped around her to make sure she stays close to him, so sweet. The model/actress has been seen with this man by her side and she doesn’t seem too upset about it. He definitely looks like he can do some damage if need be and Rose probably feels very comfortable with that peace of mind.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest stars of her time and this gives her an enthusiastic group of admirers. Because of this, she typically needs someone with her as a precaution, especially after one of her fans reached out and grabbed her while she was onstage at a concert. T-Swift found someone she can trust with her safety. He even got creative and had her walk backwards in a parking garage to try and avoid the paparazzi from seeing her. This probably didn’t work, but A for effort.

Ariana Grande

When you’re Ariana Grande, the beautiful and talented pop diva, you need to put your personal safety first. It’s nice to include a fun twist on the hiring process by selecting a bodyguard who looks like this. We would walk that closely to him too if he was our security detail. Ari appears to be in good hands, and we might actually want to follow her around just to look at him. We won’t be surprised if he becomes as famous as Jennifer Lawrence’s or Kristen Stewart’s.

Kim Kardashian

Clearly attractive bodyguards are a must for the Jenner/Kardashian clan, especially for Kim K. This smokin’ hot beast of a man’s name is Pascal Duvier and he definitely keeps her as safe as can be. He looks out for her most valuable assets, derriere included. Last year, a man attempted to kiss Kim’s behind and Pascal was not having it, quickly tackling the assailant to the ground. He is a hero in the works and we’d definitely feel safe with him.

Kylie Jenner

We’ll avoid bringing up the resemblance Kylie Jenner’s daughter has to Tim Chung, her super hunk of a bodyguard. Oh wait, no we won’t. The two have denied rumors that he’s Stormi’s father, but they sure look alike. Okay now that it’s out of our system, let’s stare in awe at the man Jenner managed to claim as her personal protector. While he’s mostly seen with Kylie, Chung has also been spotted with the other Jenners and Kardashians. He can be spotted with us if he wants, that’s for sure.