The incredible legacy Anthony Bourdain has left the world

No matter where you are in the world, food probably plays a huge part of your life. Although every dish is different, food has the incredible ability to bring people together with love, compassion and friendship. Because of these feelings, there are many people all across the globe who make it their mission to allow others to feel like this every single day of their lives. They use their own love of cooking and food to become professional chefs and put plates of love in front of their guests. Of course, there are millions of chefs across the world, but there are also many professional chefs who prove that they are more than capable of rising through the ranks and earning celebrity status. They work for some of the finest restaurants in the world. They are offered their own cooking shows.

Their cooking is legendary, and so is their name. One of those names is Anthony Bourdain. After tasting his first ever oyster in France when he was a child, Anthony made food a priority in his life. He worked in restaurants during high school and college, and he even dropped out to attend The Culinary Institute of America. Before too long, Anthony was working in some of the greatest restaurants in New York and truly making a name for himself with his rock and roll lifestyle, his tattoos, and his eclectic taste. He soon caught the attention of the people who matter, and was given opportunity after opportunity to expand his brand and change the course of food history.

Within just a few years, Anthony went from being a chef to a travel documentarian, author, television personality, as well as continuing his passion as a professional and successful chef. He took the culinary world by storm and made us think about food and cooking in a whole new way, he connected with thousands of people across the globe, and he created a legacy for himself that would forever be remembered. Sadly, his life was cut short on June 8, 2018 when it was discovered that Anthony had passed away. Despite this heart wrenching news, we can rest easy knowing that he made a remarkable impact on the world…

Living the high life

During the 1980s, Anthony was making waves in the restaurant world. He had recently graduated from The Culinary Institute of America. He had scored himself the chance to work in hugely famous restaurants across the city of New York, including Sullivan’s, the Supper Club, and One Fifth Avenue. He had started to work his way up the ranks, and he would live and breathe the restaurant world. Those around him knew that Anthony was obsessed with everything to do with cooking and loved the buzz of the restaurant atmosphere. However, Anthony was also seeking even more of a buzz during this time, and he spent much of his time seeking out new narcotics to put into his system.

The bad boy chef

Although it was clear that Anthony Bourdain was hugely passionate about food and cooking over the course of his career, it was his personality and his appearance that got us all interested. With his controversial habits, his love for rock music and his body that was covered in tattoos, he soon became known as the bad boy chef of the celebrity world. This nickname soon got back to Bourdain himself, and although he didn’t condone the name, he didn’t disregard the name either. He knew that he was different to the other chefs of the world, and was happy to embrace the fact that his personality shone through during his career.

Getting inked

One of the main reasons the world liked to call him the bad boy chef was because Anthony Bourdain covered his body with tattoos. He would often add a new tattoo to his collection during his travels, and his repertoire included a giant snake and various tribal tattoos. The first tattoo Anthony ever added to his body was a tribal band which wormed its way around his arm. As the years went by, Anthony found love in getting inked and tried to cover his whole body.

Paycheck to paycheck

While he spent the later part of his career earning huge amounts of money in the celebrity world, Anthony Bourdain only started to save this money when he was 44-years-old. Before that, he had worked from paycheck to paycheck and would spend all of his money within just a few days. He would just about be able to pay his rent, he would often skip town and max out his credit card in the Caribbean before returning home, and he would spend almost all of his money on narcotics and drink.

Making a change

Yet, when his life started to improve, and his name started to make its way into the celebrity world, Anthony decided to make a change in life. In 2001, he decided to get his very first savings account, he was eligible for health insurance for the first time, and he wanted to feel more secure in his life. During one interview, Bourdain noted that life is too short and that you should always be prepared for what happens next. He wanted to ensure that his family were looked after when he was gone.

He wrote best-selling books

Over the course of his career, Anthony made a huge impact on the culinary world – but that wasn’t just by working on television shows and cooking for the rich and famous. Anthony also decided to put his talents to good use and help those at home cook his dishes in their own kitchens. His culinary series, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Criminal Underbelly, became a huge hit in the US and even made its way onto The New York Times’ bestseller list. In recent years, Anthony also wrote a graphic novel.

Eating with the locals

Anthony Bourdain made a name for himself as an eclectic chef who knew exactly what he wanted from a dish, and although he worked for some of the top restaurants in New York – he loved to go back to basics. Anthony also loved to travel, and he felt great satisfaction when he got to combine these two loves in one fell swoop. Because of this, he would often travel the world and taste the local cuisine. He would ditch the silver spoons for chopsticks, and he would swap the fancy chairs for stools on the side of the road.

He found hope in food

As we look back on his life, it’s now easier than ever to see that Anthony struggled with the world around him. In fact, it’s clear that he found hope in food and would turn to cooking if he wanted to escape the world that often tormented him. In one famous quote, Anthony suggests that food gives us just a split second of happiness where we can forget about how cynical the world is, how miserable we all are, and how weary the world has become. In that moment, everything else disappears except for the food on your plate.

He was all about the people

As Anthony became an increasingly important member of the celebrity circle, he tried to use his platform for good outside of culinary world. He empathized with those who weren’t as lucky as he was, and he wanted to bring the suffering of the world to our attention. To do this, he often traveled to the likes of Iran and Gaza with film crews and producers to film various conflicts between people and governments. He wanted to heal the world of its atrocities and thought he could at least try to spark change.

Making a difference

In fact, one of Anthony’s main missions in life was to make a difference in the world. He wanted to embrace different cultures across the globe and understand their way of life. He wanted to show the rest of us that we are no different to those who live in different corners of the world, and wanted people to see this for themselves. He consistently told those who would listen that traveling is the best tonic for any ailment and that walking in someone else’s shoes is the best way to understand who you are as a person.

He was interested in politics

Anthony Bourdain was so much more than just a celebrity chef and tried to do everything he could to ensure that his presence was known on influential members of society. He was always keeping an eye on what was happening in the world and wanted to know how he could help. During one trip to Vietnam, Bourdain had lunch with the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, and they spoke for hours about the state of the world. He wanted to know that it was all going to be okay.

Finding his rock

Over the course of his impressive lifetime, Anthony was lucky enough to get married twice. In 1985, he got down on one knee and proposed to Nancy Putkoski, who was his high school sweetheart. The couple were married for a whopping 20 years before Bourdain’s newly-hectic career took pride of place, and they later divorced. However, it didn’t take long for Anthony to find a new rock in his life. Just two years after his divorce, Anthony married the famous MMA fighter, Ottavia Busia. They also welcomed a little girl into the world.

Coming to a sad end

Throughout their relationship, Anthony and Ottavia proved that they were incredibly similar. They both loved rock music, and Anthony even earned his blue belt in Martial Arts. However, Anthony’s place in the celebrity circle required him to travel around the world for long periods at a time. This put a huge strain on their family and their relationship, and the pair would often spend months away from each other. Eventually, it all proved too much for the couple, and they decided to part ways to pursue their own ventures.

The next generation

Anthony Bourdain’s passing is a blow to people across the world, but even more heartbreaking for his daughter. Ottavia and Anthony welcomed Ariane into the world in 2007, and his 11-year-old daughter is now left with just a memory of her father. After her birth, Anthony tried to help himself to help the next generation. His smoking habit had almost got out of control, and he knew that his life would be cut short if he continued. So, he decided to stop smoking two packs a day and go cold turkey for the sake of Ariane.

Passing the music on

Amazingly, Ariane has used her father’s passing to spur her on in her life and make her father proud of her achievements. Their shared love of rock music was something that held them together as a family, and just two days after the news of her father shocked the world, Ariane took to the School of Rock concert at the DROM theater in New York to celebrate his life. In this epic performance, Ariane kept her tears at bay and wore the leather boots her father bought for his little rockstar.

A helping hand

Although Anthony’s previous marriages did not work out, he found love once again in 2017 with the actress, Asia Argento. After suffering her own struggles in life that surround the famous #MeToo movement, Asia and Anthony decided to give each other a helping hand. Anthony supported Asia when she made statements to the press about her experience, and Asia helped Anthony with his depression. It’s believed that Asia spurred Anthony to get treatment to help his mental health, and was a huge support for Anthony during his last few months.

His talent went far

As well as being a television chef and an author, Anthony also made sure that his legacy made its way into the world with purpose. This is why he decided to work on the Travel Channel documentary series, Parts Unknown. Although he was the star of this documentary series, Anthony was also a producer and put all of his talents to good use behind the camera. Sadly, Anthony was in the middle of filming a brand new episode of this documentary series when the travesty occurred and he lost his life.

A lasting legacy

The news of Anthony’s passing shocked those around the world, and fans of his work and the impact he had on the world wanted to remember their hero. Before too long, an incredible memorial had found its way outside of the Brasserie Les Halles in Manhattan. The restaurant rose to fame when Anthony took on the role of head chef in this impressive restaurant, and the world wanted to mourn the loss of their talented chef. Flowers, cards, and notes of support were plastered outside of the restaurant in honor of his life.

A form of remembrance

However, his fans aren’t the only ones who are remembering the esteemed chef and the legacy he has left on the world. Over the past few weeks, celebrities and politicians have sent out their condolences to his family and spoken of the impact Anthony had on the world. Barack Obama noted that Anthony taught us how to bring everyone together. Josh Homme from the band Queens of the Stone Age spoke of his love for his ‘brother,’ and the whole celebrity world came together to remember his life.

You’re not alone

The death of Anthony Bourdain has shocked the nation. After suffering with a mental illness throughout much of his life, Anthony struggled to keep control of his mind. He was overwhelmed by the world around him, he struggled to understand the human race, and he longed to make a difference. However, people across the world remember how much of a difference he did make and how many people loved him and still love him today. Sadly, he didn’t win his battle, but there is a way for others to win theirs. You just need to remember that you are not alone.