Israeli hi-tech superweapons

The Israeli Defense Forces have been on the cutting edge of military technology for generations out of necessity. On the day the young Jewish state declared independence, the combined forces of eight different Arab militaries invaded. Israel won, and vowed never to be on the back foot again. This has prompted the country to invest resources to come up with as many smart weapons as possible, both in order to keep its soldier out of harm’s way but also in order to ensure that the Israeli people would be able to live without fear.

The Eyeball

They say that security agencies and militaries have eyes and ears everywhere. Now that saying is true – at least for the Israel Defense Forces. The IDF has come up with an ingenious device to be able to listen in and videotape a room full of terrorists. It is called “the eyeball.” It is a spherical device with cameras and microphones to look at and hear terrorists in a meeting. All the operator needs to do is throw it into a room and let the ball do the work.


INS Rahav

The INS Rahav is the latests in the Israeli Dolphin class submarine family, and is also the most technologically advanced. To be honest, not much is known about it, except for the fact that it entered into operational service back in January of 2016. Despite this, the Israelis have been quick to humble brag about their new toy, and there have been many articles and videos about the sub made.


Driverless cars

Driverless cars may have not hit the roads for us civilians quite yet, but that does not mean that they do not exist. In fact, guarding Israel’s volatile border with Gaza – a strip of land ruled by the Hamas terrorist organization – there are not only soldiers doing patrols but also autonomous jeeps. They patrol the border ensuring that terrorists do not manage to enter Israel to wreak havoc on the civilian population, and have guns in order to shoot at any terrorist attempting to attack.


Military tablets

Israeli technology is as much a presence on the battlefield as the soldiers are themselves. One example of this is how the Israel Defense Forces uses tablets in the middle of fighting. These tablets not only serve as maps and a means of communication, but are also used in order to operate autonomous vehicles as well as give commands to large numbers of soldiers spread out over a large area.


Corner Shot

One of the most famous Israeli weapons advances in recent decades is the CornerShot. The Corner Shot is a rifle which can bend in the middle, enabling the shooter to shoot around corners without exposing themselves. This is a gun which is primarily used by special operations forces. The gun has anti-materiel attachments, a grenade launcher attachment, and, of course, the ability to shoot bullets around corners. This has saved countless soldiers’ as well as civilians’ lives.


No signature warfare

Hamas, the rulers of Gaza, have vowed to destroy Israel and kill as many Israelis as possible in the process. Meanwhile, there is ample evidence to suggest that they are working with ISIS right across the border in Sinai. So, in order to combat these threats and keep Israeli border communities safe, the IDF is coming up with a closed loop system of autonomous patrol cars with machine guns on top designed to neutralize any target approaching the border fence


3D printing technology

3D printing technology is making war and material a whole lot cheaper and more effective. And when it comes to building and developing the best (and in many cases cheapest) means of defense, many countries from all around the world turn to the Israelis. They are currently pioneering 3D printing technology in order to make everything from weapons to life saving battlefield medical devices.


Dogo killer robot

This is a robot that can fit in your hand, weighs maybe 15 pounds, and is able to go up stairs or along any terrain. With cameras creating a 360 degree view, this robot is designed to go place which are simply too dangerous for a person. They can do reconnaissance, search and rescue, and have a 9mm pistol which the operator and point and shoot by literally touching the target on a screen.


Merkava IV

This is the newest indigenous tank in the Israeli arsenal. It has laser targeting sights and is able to travel at nearly 40 miles per hour, which is a pretty decent clip for a tank. This tank also has some cool features (besides the air conditioning of course), amongst which is the Trophy self defense system. This system will automatically detect if there is an ATGM shot at it and shoot a bunch of shrapnel at the missile, thus destroying it.


Hermes 900

The Hermes 900, nicknamed Star, is able to fly high and continuously for about a day and a half without needing to land. The drone was first used in Operation Protective Edge to find and eliminate Gaza based Hamas terrorists who were firing rockets at Israeli hospitals and schools. The Israel Defense Forces saw a need to push up the integration of the drone into the air force despite the fact that testing was not yet completed. Instead, the drone underwent a literal trial by fire.


Dolphin class submarine

These submarines are critical to Israeli and European security. Able to stay underwater for over a month at a time, these submarines are able to carry out intelligence gathering missions, send special forces teams to enemy shores, and even, allegedly, carry out a nuclear second strike. There are routinely strikes associated to the Israeli military – and Israeli submarines in particular – which take out terrorists around the world who threaten to attack Western interests

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Spike ATGM

The Spike missile (Tamuz in Hebrew) is a fire and forget missile which can either be infantry operated, shot from a system on top of a hummer or Desert Cat, or even shot from a helicopter. The missile locks onto the target and will follow the target once fired – no matter how much the target moves. This enables the operator to lock onto another target for effective firing. Dozens of European and south east Asian countries have this missile in their arsenal.


Skylark drone

The Skylark drone is a lightweight drone which is used by infantry forces in the heat of battle, giving the commander a bird’s eye view of the battlefield. This enables the commander to be able to see where threats are emanating from and where all of their soldiers are, which then lets the commander give effective instructions and commands to their troops. First deployed during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge against Hamas terrorists, this drone helped save both soldiers’ and civilians’ lives.


Iron Dome radar

The Iron Dome anti-missile defense system is the first anti-missile defense shield designed specifically to shoot down cheap, super short range rockets and mortars coming in from Gaza after being shot by Hamas. The system uses a combination of radar and missile batteries, with the radar checking Israeli airspace to see if and when a rocket is coming and from where. The Iron Dome will also be used in the event Lebanese Hezbollah tries to shoot its 110,000 rocket arsenal at Israel.


Iron Dome rockets

The Iron Dome rocket is the actual part of the system which physically goes up into the air and shoots down incoming missiles before they land on Israeli hospitals and schools. The missile, called a Tamir missile, will go up into the air and intercept the enemy rocket by blowing up next to it. The missiles were developed in conjunction with US company Raytheon, and are funded in large part by the United States.


David’s sling

David’s Sling is another part of Israel’s comprehensive, three layer arial defense plan. The Iron Dome takes out smaller, lower flying rockets while David’s Sling shoots down more medium range rockets. The system was allegedly first used in early 2017 when a Syrian surface to air missile attempted to shoot down an Israeli fighter jet. David’s Sling successfully shot down the SAM, which was travelling at over 1,000 miles per hour.


Stunner missiles

The stunner is the missile which is shot out of the David’s Sling to protect against mid to long range threats to the Israeli home front. The missile travels at seven times the speed of sound and was designed to be used against threats such as Iskander ballistic missiles (which are in Syria) as well as Iranian Sejjil and Hawsong missiles (Iran receives weapons shipments from North Korea).


Skunk riot control

Skunk spray is a non-lethal crowd control spray used to disperse violent rioters without injuring them. The spray, which is both nontoxic and biodegradable, has a horrible scent to it. The smell has been described by journalists from Reuters as smelling a chunk of rotting corpse which had been sitting in a stagnant sewer, then placing it in a blender before spraying the disgusting liquid on your face. But never fear, for the stinky compound is in fact organically made.


Green Pine Radar

The Green Pine radar system was developed in conjunction with the third layer of Israeli missile protection, the Arrow anti-missile defense system. The system is designed to shoot down incoming intercontinental ballistic cruise missiles. The radar itself is so sensitive that it can tell if a softball is being thrown from 2,000 miles away. The system has been sold to India, Azerbaijan, and South Korea for use in those countries’ defenses.


Sa’ar 5 Corvette

These Israeli ships were actually built in Mississippi, but according to Israeli specifications. They are classed as corvettes due to the small number of crew, but these boats pack the same amount of punch as a frigate. The Saar 5’s are able to be used to shoot sea based cruise missiles, and have helicopter pads to enable special forces to be transported and carry out missions far from the borders of Israel.



This is perhaps the most famous of all of the Israeli made weapons – the Uzi submachine gun. Known for its accuracy as well as its high rate of fire along with being so compact, it was the most sold submachine gun in the world until the 1980s. In fact, over 90 countries around the world use or have used the uzi as a primary weapon for decades, including countries with which Israel has no diplomatic relations.


Smart helmets

These fighter jet helmets are the first of their kind. While fighter jets throughout history had their heads up display (the display that shows altitude, speed, yaw, and other targeting features) was on the dashboard, the Israelis decided to put all of that inside the helmet itself. It helps the pilot see everything more clearly, and enables them to carry out missions more effectively. Most NATO forces now use this helmet in their fighter jets, including the US.



The word Galil means Galilee in Hebrew, but this weapon is not named after this beautiful, mountainous, wooded region in Northern Israel. It is instead named after its creator Yisrael Galil. This weapon, which is used in 45 different countries, fires a up to 750 .51mm rounds a minute, and is accurate up to half a kilometer away. The weapon has been used in major conflicts around the world since 1972.



While the Nagmachon has been primarily used to carry infantry into battle, it has become something of an all purpose vehicle. It can be outfitted with a plow or a winch to be used when dismantling Hamas and Hezbollah terror tunnels, and is used by sappers to run over mines due to its uparmored belly. Used extensively in the 2006 war with Lebanon as well as all Gaza engagements, the Nagmachon has certainly proven itself.


Shipon anti-tank weapon

Also called the B-300, this anti-tank weapon has been used in Israel since the 1970s, when the Jewish state’s largest threat was against the Syrian military which had the largest armored division in the world. The Shipon also has a dual shot mode to hit personnel. It punches a hole behind whatever cover the personnel are hiding behind which is then followed by an explosive missile to neutralize the enemy.


Desert Eagle

Yes, the Desert Eagle is originally an Israeli gun, although it has been manufactured in Minnesota since 2009. This gun shoots massive .357 calibur magnum rounds, and is quite accurate for its size. The desert eagle has risen to prominence due to the role the weapon has played in countless movies and video games – from Call of Duty and Tomb Raider to movies such as Rambo III, The Matrix, and even the Austin Powers franchise.


Guided Advanced Tactical Rocket

This is one of the favorite guided missiles of both Israeli and United States special forces operators. The reason for this is because not only is the missile lightweight, but it can be set to either explode upon impact, or set with a delayed explosion. In delayed detonation mode, the rocket is able to penetrate bunkers, brick walls, or even armored vehicles in order to neutralize threats. These can also be shot from helicopters.


Matador Anti-tank weapon

This weapon was co-designed and built not only by the Israelis, but also by the Singaporean military and a German company as well. It is one of the lightest anti-tank weapons on the market, and due to the low amount of back blast it creates, is one of the only bazookas which can be safely shot from inside of a confined space (such as a building). Six countries including the UK and Vietnam use this weapon.



The LORA is a response to the intense rocket building which the North Koreans, Iranians, and Lebanese Shia terror group Hezbollah have been doing. A quasi-ballistic missile, the LORA is able to accurately hit a target from over 180 miles away. It is primarily ship launched, but it can be used on land also. The missile is able to hit a target with 25 foot accuracy.


Popeye missile

This is a multi-purpose air to ground as well as submarine launched cruise missile. Incorporated into the arsenals of several countries including the United States, India, and Australia, this missile is believed to be on board Israeli submarines, giving Israel a second strike nuclear capability. With a camera in the nose, a pilot can actually direct the missile to its target, or the pilot can just fire and forget


Ofeq Satelite

Israel has launched 11 indigenous made military satellites into orbit, with 10 of them successfully completing their missions. While the vast majority of the details related to these satellites a closely guarded secret, what is known about them is that they have infrared and night vision cameras, and that the satellites are so advanced that they can read license plate numbers with the same clarity as someone taking a picture on their camera phone from 2 feet away.


Protector USV

Israel has drones flying around in the sky, driving around on land, and now they have them sailing around in the sea. These quick, small boats are meant to be used in order to patrol Israeli coastal waters. The Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah and the Gaza based terror group Hamas both have frogmen who have come onto Israeli shores and murdered Israeli schoolchildren and civilians in the past. This sea based drone will neutralize those threats.



This bullpup style assault rifle was designed during the second Palestinian uprising in the early 2000s. Its short design is perfect for urban warfare as it enables the operator to move in and around buildings without having to worry about a long barrel hitting the sides of buildings and walls. Used in 15 different countries (including the United States). It has an effective firing range of over a half a kilometer shooting a .44mm NATO style round.


Nimrod ATGM

This missile is one of the most hi-tech and versatile missiles on the planet. It can be shot and laser directed from up to 16 miles away from the target, and if attached to an aircraft or helicopter, it can be set to fly under the radar. What makes this guided missile unique is the fact that it can be accurately shot either form 300 yards away or 22 miles away, and it will hit and destroy the target.


Puma APC

Built in Germany, this is Israel’s brand new armored personnel carrier acquisition. It carries up to six soldiers in an air conditioned cabin, and has the ability to have its armor changed depending on the mission at hand. Additionally, there are cameras all over the APC, enabling the operators to see any and all threats around the vehicle. It sports a .30mm cannon on the top as well.


IAI Eitan

The Eitan drone (meaning steadfastness and fortitude in Hebrew) is a long range, high endurance Israeli made drone. It can fly continuously for nearly three days without needing to be refuelled, and has a range of over 4,500 miles. The Indian Air Force has already bought several of the drones, and the Israelis are working with the British, French, and German militaries in order to jointly develop a drone which can suit all four countries’ needs.


Sand Cat

The Plasan Sand Cat is an all terrain vehicle specially designed to be operated anywhere and at any time. While the design was made in Israel, production of various components are created in Louisville, Ky. equipped with a vast array of sensors as well as lightweight and high tech armor, the Sand Cat is deployed and in use by 13 different countries, including Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, and Canada.


IAI Harop

This drone is what is called a “loitering munition.” It can fly above a target or a war zone for a lengthy period of time (up to six hours) before an appropriate target is found. The drone itself has an explosive warhead on it, and can be directed to fly into a target with the goal of eliminating it. The countries of Azerbaijan and India have also bought these drones, with Azerbaijan using the drone to take out an Armenian outpost back in April of 2016.



This light machine gun is one of the workhorses of the Israeli Defense Forces. Firing a .51mm NATO round, the gun is able to be belt fed, and can shoot at a rate of up to 1,100 rounds a minute. The weapon is used by special forces squads around the world, such as in Thailand, Vietnam, Tanzania, Mexico, and the Republic of Georgia. With a good scope, the gun is accurate to a kilometer.


Jericho missile

The Jericho family of missiles are nuclear capable intercontinental ballistic cruise missiles developed and produced in Israel. It is able to also carry a one ton payload of conventional weapons should it need to. With a range of over 6,800 miles, the missile can hit nearly anywhere on the planet. This is due in part to the missiles high rate of speed, which would enable it to outrun most anti-missile defense systems. There is a civilian version of the rocket called the Shavit. This rocket makes Israel just one of 12 countries which can launch its own satellites.