Mother bear leaves cubs to drown, before fishermen make last-ditch effort

Heartbreaking tale

The story that we’re about to tell you is one of those that will definitely give you the feels. It will most likely cause you to think about the loved ones in your life, because love is a big theme in this action packed whirlwind of a story. For instance, there is a mother bear in this story who was faced with a tough choice. She had to make a choice, and even though she was the mother of her cubs, she considered her own survival as well. Very soon, you’ll see the heartbreaking decision that this mother made so that she could save herself, and you’ll feel rejuvenated all over again when a savior comes out of nowhere, forming a new loving bond.

Lake Vygozero

But before we get into the ins and outs of the story itself, let us give you a bit of a background. We don’t take this undertaking lightly, because we feel that it’s important that you know this facts for you to understand how crazy this story really was. The reason it’s important is that these cubs were drowning in a lake that was freezing cold, in the northwestern region of Russia. The extremities of the temperature of Lake Vygozero went all the way down to -4 Fahrenheit, which is a huge danger for anyone to be in – that is what makes this story so inspiring.

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