17 side-splitting plane photos

Anyone who has ever flown on a plane knows it is no cup of tea. You might be used to it, but that doesn’t mean you actually enjoy the experience. Try as we might, we just can’t escape it: for as thankful as we are for the ability to reach our destinations quickly, on a certain level (or altitude), we feel that people just weren’t meant to fly. For the bulk of us average Joes and Janes flying coach, air travel consists of tiny sitting spaces, screaming babies, less than warm food, and the occasional distraught passenger going through a personal crisis – the list is endless, really, and for that reason you really never know the kind of wacky stuff you might see on a plane.

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The thing is, if you’re going to sit on a plane for hours and hours, you might as well try to enjoy it. And many people have different methods of doing that. Sometimes people will keep things simple by closing their eyes, throwing on their headphones, relaxing to some classic tunes, and generally zoning out. And then there are those who may enjoy a nice book – after all, what better place to read at length than on a long flight? There are also those who try to sleep throughout the whole affair. We’d say that these optimistic souls are probably the most common – though being able to actually fall asleep on a plane is a lot easier said than done.

Have you ever tried to sleep sitting down? If you’ve never been on a plane before, you may find out really soon what the sensation is like, and you may not be too fond of what you find. It’s just not so fun, and unless you are tired beyond belief, you may have some trouble dozing off. But have no fear, because another thing that people like to do on planes is to watch movies that the airline has to offer. This is generally an option that many people like to do, for movies are an excellent way to pass time, while enjoying oneself in the process. Then again, it can be hard to hear the audio of your earphones through the noise of the people on the plane.

In case you haven’t realized it yet, the plane is a place where it’s not always so easy to stay comfortable. And people need their comfort when traveling. For this reason, they sometimes will resort to all kinds of shenanigans to get what they want, and when that happens, there is oftentimes a cameraman to document it. Thankfully, we are able to have the occasional laugh on a plane, because most people would agree through their grogginess that that’s when they need it most.

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