The strongest armies in the world: 2017 edition


In today’s political climate, military strength is as important as who the leader of the country is (especially if he or she is the one controlling the military itself). The strongest armies in the world are calculated by the manpower they possess as well as the amount of naval and air power they hold.


Countries like China and North Korea have some of the largest numbers in terms of active military personnel and reserve members. The interest of any country’s military is to protect the civilians within their respective borders and makes sure that no threat from outside or within is ever realized. Countries such as Austria, which is a landlocked nation, don’t have naval strength at all because they do not have access to water (pointless then, right?), while on the other end of the spectrum lies Spain, with an extremely strong naval presence. 

Every war we have had in our history has taught militaries around the world what they need to do to make sure that they are stronger and better than before. World War II exhausted the resources of some of the strongest nations in the world, prompting them to reevaluate their previous way of production. Today, there is a heavier push towards intelligence and information technology in addition to the traditional people, ships, and air crafts structure of the military. 

While we hope that militaries are bored with a lack of drama and action in the international sphere, we know that security budgets are on the rise globally and that, as we mentioned, the political sphere is creating a lot of unrest among world leaders and future potential agreements.

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