These people recreated their favorite childhood photos and the results are hilarious

We all have favorite photographs from our childhood, pictures that everyone in the family recognizes and loves to show to friends. These people used those photos and took them a step further, recreating their classic old family pictures many years later. The result is a pair of hilarious matching photos that show just how much people change (or don’t change) as the years go by. Here are some of the best recreations of childhood photos out there – they’re sure to make you smile.

Father and baby

We have to commend this father and son pair on their acting abilities. The first picture was most likely natural – they simply made those faces while someone took a photo of them.

The second picture, however, which was taken 28 years after the first, required some posing. While the father recreated his loving dad face flawlessly, we are particularly impressed with how well the son imitated his baby look. Their clothes are slightly different, but the poses and faces make up for it.

All in the family

It takes some serious coordination to get a whole family to recreate a very silly photograph together after 25 years. A father trying to read the newspaper while surrounded by his loving family is the perfect scene to recreate.

This family did it extremely well, and the result is hilarious. Our favorite part is the adult son’s imitation of the silly face he made as a child. Every member of the family is really giving this their best effort, and the result made it all worth it.

How times have changed

There’s something incredibly heartwarming about these then and now pictures, which were taken a whopping 60 years apart. So much time has past and yet the father and son are still holding hands and smiling.

The little boy has grown up to tower over his elderly dad, and the father now walks with a cane, but the smiles on their faces say it all. There is also, of course, the adorable addition of a dog, which makes the photo even better.

Pasta face

This woman was willing to get her face dirty in order to recreate a very cute photograph from her childhood.

It looks like a lot of effort was put into this one, and it’s an impressive recreation, down to the yellow plastic cup and the old yellow chair on which she is sitting. The woman even managed to find a similar pink sweatshirt to complete the vintage look from when she was a little girl. This one made us smile.

Bath time

We have all come across those embarrassing pictures of ourselves as children sitting in the bathtub with our siblings or cousins.

For some reason, parents love taking pictures during bath time, and even more than they love photographing this event, they love showing the photos to everyone they know. Some people are made uncomfortable by this, but these cousins had a different reaction. They got right back in the tub, made the same poses and faces that they had as children, and ended up with this excellent recreation.

Hasn’t changed a bit

Some people would be embarrassed by a picture of themselves wearing a white t-shirt upside down and making the craziest face possible.

This guy wasn’t, and decided that it would be the perfect photograph to renew a whole bunch of years later. So, with no shame, this twenty-something year old man put a shirt on his legs, pulled it up to cover his whole body, and went for it. We doubt that this photo will be framed and hung on the wall, but it was still worth it.

Dinner time

Maybe we’re just hungry, but that food looks really good in both pictures. Somehow, these brothers found adult sized versions of the jackets they wore as children, and it really adds to the authenticity of the recreated photo.

The brother on the right is staring right at the camera with a slice of pizza in his mouth and the same expression he had as a child, while the brother on the left looks like he is deep in concentration as he prepares his burger to be eaten.

Kids in the back

This is not just any photo recreation – it’s a wedding photo recreation! When their sister was getting married, these brothers and their father decided to pose just as they had in one of their classic family photos.

The poses are all the same, but the attire in the more recent photo is a bit more formal. The truck, however, hasn’t changed a bit. We think this was a really cool idea, and it’s awesome that everyone played along with a smile on their faces.

Man’s best friend

The funny thing about this photo is that it kind of looks like the dog shrunk over the 13 years that went by. Of course, we know that is not the case, and the boy simply grew up into an adult.

Even though this guy opted out of wearing pajamas to recreate his childhood photo, the two pictures are still remarkably similar and it’s lovely to see that he grew up with his dog, and still cares for it after all of these years.

Same but different

Some poses are easier to recreate than others. These acrobatics were not difficult to pull off when the kids were little, but by the time the second picture was taken, there was no way that the mom could support both adult children.

They came up with an excellent solution – the blond guy stood on the counter while holding the mom’s feet, and the dark haired son put his hands on the floor instead of on his mom. Our favorite detail has gotta be the pacifier in his mouth.

Fun in the sand

These siblings don’t look like they have changed very much over the years, even as they grew bigger and older. When they were little, someone buried them both in the sand.

The little boy looks gleeful to be buried like that, even though he has sand all over his face. The little girl on the other hand, doesn’t look quite so enthusiastic about it. Years later, they buried themselves again in the sand, and made the exact same faces that they made when they were little.

Laundry day

Parents love putting their little children in places that they don’t really belong, like laundry baskets. When we look back through old photos, there are always pictures that make us question what our parents were thinking.

This woman decided to remake one such photo 29 years later, as an adult. Luckily, she had a much larger laundry basket, adult sized pink pajamas, and a mysteriously similar wallpaper background. The main difference between the pictures is definitely just the fact that she has teeth in the second one.


The best kind of friends are the ones who you grow up with. They know you in a way that’s different than friends who you met later on, and they’re more like family than friends anyway.

These two best friends posed together as little boys, one dressed in a suit jacket and trying his hardest not to crack a smile, and the other goofing around in a t-shirt. 29 years after the original, they posed again, getting all of the details right, down to the child artwork in the background.

Sleepy kid

Kids can fall asleep in the craziest positions, as the picture on the left clearly shows.

The little boy only made it halfway into bed before he lost consciousness, and his parents caught him on camera in a position that really doesn’t look comfortable. 20 years later, he decided to recreate his famous childhood photograph and slumped across the bed just as he had when he was little. He even put a few socks on the ground to match the original.

Are we there yet?

Car rides with kids can be a lot of fun, but they can also be disastrous. These three siblings look like they enjoyed goofing off in the car when they were younger.

The little girl’s cute smirk says it all – they were having a lot of fun. This photograph offered the perfect opportunity for a funny recreation. The brothers and sister did their best to match their outfits, and even though the car is slightly different and the guys have facial hair, the picture came out great.

Puppy love

This boy had the wonderful opportunity to grow up with his beloved dog. When he was a teenager, he posed with his adorable new puppy, smiling happily while squinting in the sun.

Ten years later, he picked up his dog, which clearly grew a whole lot more than he did, and posed again, wearing the same sweatshirt and squinting his eye. It’s so sweet to see how nothing has changed much, even though a number of years have passed.

Always fashionable

One of the things that makes this particular photo recreation unique is that the background of the picture has hardly changed. After 20 years, the floor, the walls, and even the lamp in the background are exactly the same.

And that’s not even mentioning how flawlessly this woman matched her clothes, her pose, and her facial expression to her adorable childhood picture. She clearly loved to pose as a kid, and still knows how to pose like a pro as an adult.

Brotherly love

It really is remarkable how much a human grows and changes in 15 years. The younger brother went from being a tiny baby to a very tall teenager, and his older brother can’t quite hold him in the more recent version.

There are a lot of other differences between the two photos, including the clothing, the background, and of course the baseball caps, but the younger brother is putting so much effort into his pose that we’ll let the rest slide.


This picture really is special. This loving couple first posed in front of their car, dressed to the nines, many decades ago for a black and white photo.

An incredible 50 years later, the couple is still together, and still has the same car (which they kept in great shape, too). Their fashion sense has changed a lot, and the woman is a bit shorter than she was, but the couple looks great, and we admire their long lasting love.

Nice boots

Did the boots shrink or did the baby grow? We know the answer of course, but it’s adorable to see how different the same pair of boots look on a person when they’re a little child and once they are fully grown.

The second picture was taken 23 years after the first, and the woman did her best to make the exact same pose and face. She even returned to the same location to get the background right!

Let’s bake

We mentioned before how much parents like to photograph their children in odd places. This one is no different – when he was a baby, his parents took a picture of him in a mixing bowl on the kitchen counter.

When they recreated the memorable moment 17 years later, the boy no longer fit so well, but he still climbed right on up there and sat in the bowl. The whole family must have been laughing when they took that photo.

All grown up

These three brothers posed in height order in front of a scenic background when they were little, and decided to go ahead and do it again 29 years later.

They matched their old outfits perfectly, and even got their socks and shoes to be nearly identical. The most interesting and notable difference is the fact that their height is reversed – the one that used to be the smallest is now the tallest. We wonder how common that is.

Rocking the baby

This father and son photo recreation is genius. The father, who hasn’t changed too much over the years, wore the same color sweater and shirt.

The son, who definitely has changed quite a bit, wrapped himself in a white blanket. The dad cradled his adult son just as he had when he was a little baby and closed his eyes as if he were asleep. We are so impressed by what a perfect copy the more recent photo is of the older one.