Newlyweds discover something incredible about their childhood

In most cases, when a couple decides to finally tie the knot and start their future together, they already know each other pretty well. Heidi and Ed were one of those couples who thought they knew everything about the other. They had been inseparable throughout their college years and eventually got married. However, after four years of a blissful relationship, the lovebirds discovered something new and fascinating about their other half that shocked them and their families. We hear stories all the time of old flames reconnecting after many years, strangers meeting by chance and falling in love, long-distance lovers becoming husband and wife, and so on. However, the story of Hedi and Ed is one that is truly remarkable, and has even the non-believers thinking that perhaps destiny does exist in our world after all.

The young couple from England thought they first met in 2011 while studying together at Newcastle University. The two students met on an online student forum and hit it off right away. However, little did they know that they had already met 20 years prior.

Fate and destiny continue to be debatable topics. Do soulmates really exist? Are some things just meant to be? Is “the one” out there for everyone, just waiting to be connected to their true love? Although the idea of fate and serendipity seems like something out of one of our favorite romance movies, there are plenty of stories out there, like this one in particular, which “prove” that perhaps some people truly are destined to be together. Heidi and Ed had no idea that they had already met when they were six years old, and when Heidi’s mother discovered an old photograph of the two young lovebirds side by side from a family vacation, everyone was astonished. Heidi and Ed are now happily married, and their story has been heard all over the world. Thousands of people have sent messages to the couple with words of love, support, and amazement. The fact that two strangers can meet as children on two separate family vacations, and then be reconnected 20 years later is something that is incredible and sounds like a plot of a Nicholas Sparks novel. So even if you don’t believe in soulmates or destiny, take a few minutes to hear the amazing tale of Heidi and Ed. Their love story might just change your mind.

Love at first sight

When Heidi and Ed Savitt, 26, met in 2011 while studying at Newcastle University, they fell in love right away, and six years later, they tied the knot. They both felt they had told each other everything, and that there was no one in the world who knew them better than their other half. Little did they know, they were in for quite the surprise and were about to discover something new about their partner.

Getting serious

The couple first spoke after Ed first reached out to Heidi on an online student forum, and asked her how to use the dryer in the dorm building. They got to talking and eventually started dating. They had been dating for four years when they decided to invite their mothers to dinner with them in Wandsworth, London. During the dinner, the two moms got along and found out they had a lot in common, like their shared joy for going on sailing trips.

Holiday boyfriend

Heidi’s mother, Kay Parker, suddenly mentioned to Ed’s mother, Fiona Savitt, that Heidi had a little “holiday boyfriend” during their trip to Turkey when she was six years old. She talked about how the pair were inseparable during their two-week vacation, and how they spent most of the trip together holding hands. Kay tried to recall the boy’s name, and said she was almost certain it was Ed. At first, they just thought it was a coincidence, and they moved on with the conversation.

Shocking discovery

Two weeks later, when Kay was looking through some dusty old photographs from past family trips, she came upon a 1997 photo of Heidi and a little boy. Kay took a second look – she recognized the face of that little boy, and was almost positive it was Heidi’s boyfriend, Ed, standing next to her, their feet buried in the sand, during their Turkish vacation. She quickly called her daughter and showed her what she had discovered.

Complete astonishment

When Heidi’s mother first showed her the photo of her and Ed standing side by side at the age of 6, she was left in such astonishment that she started to get dizzy and nearly fainted. Heidi said, “When my mom found the first photo of us she sent it to me, and I was stunned. I actually had to lie down!” She knew without a doubt the little boy in the picture next to her wasn’t just any “Ed,” but the Ed that’s been her boyfriend for four years.

More photos

Her mother then continued to dig out more photos of the two adorable kids. There were several photos of the two at on the beach, by the pool, and at the resort, each with a big smile on their face. Little did they know that they would be reunited years later and eventually have a life of their own! Heidi and Ed now cherish their childhood photos they have together, and have vowed to show it to their children and grandchildren one day.


Kay said that when she came upon the old photograph, she screamed. “It was just unreal.” She continued. “None of us had any idea whatsoever that Heidi and Ed had met before university. But during that two-week holiday, they held hands most of the time.” She added that “perhaps they just had a subconscious realization they had shared that time together when they met as adults.” The mind works in mysterious ways, so who knows, maybe they did recognize each other on some deep-rooted level!

Truly unbelievable

Kay and Heidi shared the photos with Ed’s mother, Fiona, just to make sure it was truly Ed and not just a look-alike. Fiona was just as stunned as they were, but said that the boy in the picture was definitely her son. Fiona explained, “When Kay sent me the photo of a little boy called Ed, I shrieked ‘oh my goodness, that’s Ed!’ It was unbelievable.”

Even more pictures

Shortly after, Ed’s parents pulled out their photo album from the same vacation in the ’90s, and they found several more photographs of Ed and Heidi together, sitting there for all these years. Heidi said, “Ed’s family then dug out their photo album from the same holiday and found about five other photos of us together and with our siblings too. It was unbelievable!” Sometimes these moments need time to percolate, until both parties are able to make that one amazing coincidence grow into something even more meanginful.

Sharing the news

Kay and Fiona couldn’t wait to share the surprising news with their loved ones. They posted it on their social media accounts, and before they knew it they were getting thousands of likes, messages, and phone calls about the couple’s incredible story. Fiona said, “We sent it around to all our family and friends and everyone was amazed. The phones didn’t stop ringing and everyone was liking it on Facebook.”

Destined to be

Although Heidi and Ed always had a feeling they would get married, seeing the photograph only made things more clear to both of them- that they were truly destined to be together. Heidi explained that they could have gone their whole lives together, without knowing this secret, “It’s crazy to think we could have got married, shared our lives together, but then never found out about this.”


Throughout all four years at university, Heidi – an Economics and Management student – and Ed, a Psychology and Business major – were extremely close. As soon as they started dating, they felt that their love was the real deal and was certainly meant to be. Heidi said in an interview, “From the moment we started dating, we were inseparable and knew we were going to be together forever.” She believes that finding the photograph was a sign that they were “destined to be together.”

Fairytale wedding

Not too long after discovering their destiny, Ed decided to pop the question to his long-lost childhood sweetheart. The couple got married in August, with a wedding from a fairytale which matched their fairytale romance. The ceremony took place at the notorious Haddon Hall in Derbyshire, which is a manor house that dates back to the 12th century. The ceremony was followed by a classy reception at Shiningham Farm, where their hundreds of guests enjoyed late-night dancing under a tipi and a pool party the next day.

Best friends

In attendance at the wedding, were several of the couple’s shared friends from university. Their friends were just as surprised as they were to find out that the couple, who was known as one of the closest pairs at school, actually knew each other before. Heidi calls Ed not only her soulmate but her best friend and said, “It was just so much fun to marry my best friend surrounded by all our family and friends.”

Growing family

Heidi’s parents, Kay and Keith Parker, are now good friends with Ed’s parents, Fiona and Jonathan Savitt. The four now regularly go on vacations together. The rest of the family have also grown close. Ed’s two sisters, Emma and Mandy, and brother, Matt, are now friends with Heidi and her two sisters, Hannah and Olivia. Kay said how she believes the two families were always meant to be friends, “It was not just Heidi and Ed who met on that holiday, but all of us as well.” She continued, “It is just such a lovely, incredible story.”

Against all odds

Whether or not you believe in fate, it is hard to deny how remarkable it is that two separate families from the UK both just happened to travel to the same location in Turkey at the same time. It is even crazier to think about how not only did the families meet and their children became close friends, but that several years later, they were all reunited. What are the odds that Heidi and Ed would have met up so many years later? Sometimes, it is funny how life works out.

Like a movie

Since the newlyweds’ story has gone viral, they have been receiving messages of love and support from all over the world. Heidi said, “People keep telling us that it must be fate and that it’s like the plot of a movie!” They have also been receiving dozens of interview requests asking to share their incredible story, and have been featured on several news channels across the UK.

Similar stories

There have been several more stories of love meant to be, similar to the Sevitts’, that have come to the surface lately. There is even a whole facebook page and website dedicated to couples sharing stories about how fate brought them together called, The Way We Met. In one story, Mickey Fuertes shares how he met his wife Natalie after they were assigned seats next to each other on a plane. After the two-and-a-half-hour flight, they stayed connected and are now married with two kids. He claims that destiny “shoved” them together.


In another touching love story, a 7-year-old Tyrel Wolfe from Idaho sent a gift to a young girl from the Philippines named Joana via Operation Christmas Child. Several years later, Joana found Tyrel on Facebook and sent him a message to thank him for his kind act, after all these years. The two began talking and not before long their friendship blossomed into romance and he flew to the Philippines, twice, in order to ask her father for permission to marry her- a necessary Filipino courtship custom. The two were married in 2014 in Idaho, and now have a baby boy!

Dream come true

In one of the website’s most popular tales, a woman shares her story of how on her first day of 7th grade, a new student who sat in front of her in class handed her a piece of paper and said, “This is going to be me and you someday.” On the paper was a drawing of him wearing a football uniform with her by his side. The two strangers quickly became best friends, and by the time they were in high school started dating. They have been together for 7 years since then, and have made a kid’s drawing into a reality.

Does fate exist?

The topic of whether or not fate exists will always be debatable. Do soulmates really exist? Is there someone out there for everyone? Or are these stories just out of pure coincidence and nothing more? Unfortunately, these are questions we may never know the answer to. However, Heidi and Ed’s love story, along with the many others out there, can make even the non-believers give a second thought to matters of destiny, or, conversely, seeing patterns in the universe’s random rolls of the dice.

Traveling together

Heidi and Ed certainly believe that fate brought them together. Twenty years since their first trip together in Turkey, the happy couple is still going on vacations together and traveling around the world, a passion they both share. Heidi and Ed often post pictures on their Instagram accounts of the many trips they have taken together from hot tropical island destinations to snowy ski trips in the mountains. No matter their location, one thing stays the same in each picture, they always look happy and madly in love.

Happily ever after

Today, the 26-year-olds are living the married life in the Wandsworth district of South London. Heidi now works as the European PR Manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment and Ed is the owner of DropShot café in Southfields, greater London. Since all of the attention they have been receiving, they are now focusing on enjoying a more quiet life out of the limelight, and are looking forward to a happy and fun future together. Thanks for the inspiration, guys! We’ll keep a lookout for our own soulmates in old family photos.